About us and our work (the standard version)

The following explains why PR and Press Relations are so wonderful and why you should work with us.

We ensure your continuing success in the market by presenting your company, its products and its services to the German media.

Through our cooperation with the press, broadcast and electronic media we encourage reporting about our clients. The result for your company: Editorial content, which is highly regarded and trusted by the public.

Knodt PR is a long-term orientated and loyal partner for you, ready to invest our experience and professional know-how for you and your company.

We look forward to talking with you and finding out more about your company and what it has to offer to the German media.

Jutta Knodt


    Jutta K. and Thomas K. enjoy free and frank discussions with their clients


About us

After her graduation (art, design), Jutta Knodt has worked as an editor and a PR consultant in the GPRA (German Association of PR Agencies) agency Koob & Partner. Since 1994, she has been working freelance. She consults client companies from the fields of building, logistics, document management as well as foundations and associations.

Thomas C. Knodt has graduated in English and German. After five years at ‚markt intern’, Europe’s largest newsletter publisher, he worked as a senior consultant for Spiess, Ermisch, Abels and the GPRA agency DiKom. Self-employed since 2001, his clients have come from areas such as navigation, consumer electronics, high-end hifi, computers & communication, automotive and gastronomy.